Tarlton and Son is established

Mr. Tarlton wanted to do better, and earn a living that would allow him to enjoy life.


Tommy Tarlton takes over the business

Tommy implements his vision for where the business is headed.


grown into a company of 240 plus employees

Tarlton and Son is known for being the best at what they do with a unique Frame-2-Finish wall solution.

On the race track is where the Tarlton’s developed core values that will be the driving force in business.

In 1977, Tom Tarlton started a lathing business out of his backyard to earn a living for his family. His son, Tommy started working for the company on the scaffolding crew. In 1999 Tommy Tarlton took over running the business while his dad focused on estimating. Now 40 years later, Tarlton and Son, Inc. has grown into a company of 240 plus employees that generates more than $40 million dollars in annual sales.

We have a team of motivated and coordinated employees

Specializing in lath, plaster, drywall, scaffold, metal studs, and EIFS; Tarlton and Son, Inc. is a service labor company that is vertically integrated allowing them to take on an entire job. It takes good people to get jobs, run them efficiently and finish on or before the deadline and that is precisely the reputation that Tarlton and Son, Inc. has earned. Having good, motivated and coordinated employees gives the company its marketing edge. Without the quality key personnel and all their employees we would not have been able to grow the way they have.

We have the best team

To combat the challenge of attracting good workers Tarlton and Son, Inc. promotes managers from within. “We throw them into the water and they sink or swim,” says Tommy Tarlton. “That’s how I learned. The ones who make it are good.” Along the same lines, they will give a job to most everybody who applies for work, including those just graduating from high school. But their first position will likely be on the scaffolding crew, which is one of the hardest. If they can do well there, after four to six months they will be reevaluated and moved to another position.

Our Office

Tarlton and Son, Inc. started in the country where the family had five acres, and just recently moved to a new location not far away. The office is now a 6,000 square foot shop and 4,500 square feet of ultra high tech office space with plenty of windows and all the right ergonomics making a comfortable atmosphere for all the employees as well as visiting clients. The new building showcases what Tarlton and Son Inc. does, including a lot of specialty finishes.

Our locations

Tarlton and Son, Inc. goes where the work is and the main geographical work radius from the Fresno office is about 150 miles from Bakersfield to Stockton. In 2000 a second office opened in Arroyo Grande to accommodate several large contracts that had been awarded in the coastal region. That office also covers about 150 miles, from Ventura to Monterey.

Our Equipment

The company owns all of its own equipment, including a fleet of forklifts, plaster pumps, scaffolding trucks, and scaffolding equipment as well as others, adding up to more that 100 pieces that have to be maintained and managed.

Tommy Tarlton

Tommy Tarlton enjoys being a semiprofessional sprint car racer for his family team and has no regrets that his main occupation is driving the family wall and ceiling business to the head of the pack.

The Tarlton Trust:


We believe preparation is key


We work efficiently as a team


We communicate effectively


We train our staff for upward mobility


We have fun, enjoy work, enjoy life


We provide solutions


We work hard


We put safety first


We are loyal


We are innovative