What’s your time worth?

When you’re managing multiple subcontractors on a large project, it can get complicated. Scheduling, sequencing, and trade conflict are all tasks that cost you valuable time and money.

Tarlton and Son, Inc. is a single source provider for your Frame-2-Finish wall solution. Hiring one subcontractor to provide complete vertical wall assembly will reduce build time and produce the BEST VALUE.

We are a Nationally Awarded Company

Recognized as one of the Top 50 Contractors by Walls & Ceilings magazine, Tarlton and Son, Inc. is a progressive and resourceful subcontractor providing:

Quality Craftsmanship

We pride ourselves on employing the most skilled people in the industry.

Stress-Free Process

Fewer people to coordinate means increased productivity and reduced time on-site.

Efficient Service

Our streamlined process makes things easier for you. Ask you superintended if working with one sub is a good idea, and they will agree that it’s a simple solution.

Relationships are built on the job site

Since 1977, Tarlton and Son, Inc. has been satisfying customers throughout California, building a reputation for superior quality one project at a time. When you choose Tarlton and Son, Inc., you’ll have one subcontractor saving you time and money.

Large bonding capacity

Over 40 years we have developed a large bonding capacity to support the largest public works projects.

Delivery methods

• Design-Build
• Lease-Leaseback
• Open Bid
• Negotiated
• Multi-Prime Bid


Frame–2–Finish is a complete vertically integrated wall assembly service saving you time and money.


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